Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles 2021 🍼 [Reviews]

best dish soap for baby bottles

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Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles 

Buying Guide Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles In 2021 🍼

Cleaning Milk Film

Cleaning the milk film and residue from feeding bottles or parts of the breast pump is a much difficult part. The above-recommended product helps to clear the film and residue which are left by milk.

Ingredients present

The skin of the babies is so much dedicated than younger. Therefore, please check which ingredients and substances are present inside the formula or product. The best practice is to select natural ingredients which safe for babies rather than chemicals. In the market, so many brands of soaps come with added chemicals, which are not good for baby lips and health. In our list of the Top 5 Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles, you can select a 95% natural-based product that will not leave any side effects on baby skin. If the soap is thick, then it will become more effective to clean bottles, dishes properly. Selecting recyclable or reusable product packages then it also good for our planet.

Antibacterial agents

Bacteria cause so many problems related to health. for removing bacteria from bottles or dishes in soap, chemicals are used. Sometimes because of excessive chemicals are used will reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. These chemicals are not good (chemicals like triclosan and benzalkonium chloride).


Dermatologist tested

Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap


Fragrance-Free, Baby bottle safe, Dermatologist testedCheck On Amazon

Dapple Baby, Bottle and Dish Soap


Plant-Based Hypoallergenic, NO HARSH CHEMICALSCheck On Amazon

ATTITUDE Baby Dish Soap




Top 5 Best Dishwashing Soap For Baby Bottles

1. Babyganics Foaming Dish & Bottle Soap (Baby dishwashing detergent)



  • Baby laundry detergent
  • Rinses free without any residue
  • Best washing powder for babies
  • Babyganics stain eraser
  • Rinses free without any residue
  • Babyganics travel-size dishwashing detergent
  • Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles
  • Formulated without synthetic fragrances or dyes

The first listed product on our Best Dish Soap For Baby Bottles list is Babyganic dish soap. Features about this baby soap as mentioned above, there is no harmful substance present inside. Therefore chances of creating any harmful effect on the baby’s health after using this baby soap.

In Babyganics Foaming Bottle Soap, plant-derived ingredients are used, so the chances of leaving irritation in baby skin are reduced. And it is also free from strong fragrances, which are not good for babies sometimes because of fragrance, the baby start feels irritation around the eyes area. This Babyganics Foaming Dish Soap is also free from the substance which is not good such as phthalates, dyes, phosphates.

Keeps clean and removes odour which is form due to milk in baby feeding bottles.

2.  Dapple Baby, Bottle and Dish Soap Dish Liquid (best dish soap for baby bottles)


The Dapple Baby Bottle and Soap manufacturers delicately improve the quality of cleaning baby bottles, cups, and more with no residue. This Dapple Baby Bottle and Soap claim that the only company can clear or remove 50% of milk film. If you find the soap with scents, this one is perfect for you because Dapple has many available scents like apple pear, sweet lavender, and mango melon. If you want fragrance-free Baby Bottle soap, then also it is the best choice.

Use this soap for cleaning pacifiers, breast pump parts, sippy cups, bottles so you can use this without any problem. The bottle’s design is stable, and for easy to use pump is present, so press and collect soap how much you need. Is free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, and SLS. Best dish soap for baby bottles within a good price range.

3. Grab Green Natural Baby Bottle & Dish Soap (baby safe dishwasher detergent)


The Grab Green Natural Baby Bottle & Dish Soap is formulated with plant-derived ingredients, so the chances of leaving any bad effect on a baby’s delicate skin are less. In this baby dishwashing detergent sweet scent is present with essential oils. Mainly, this soap brand is established in the USA, so it follows all safety norms, and it also disclosed all ingredients used in the soap, which means it deals with complete transparency. It is Best Dishwashing Detergent For Baby Bottles, but two substances are used in the soap is rise a little bit of concern. You can refer to here (according to EWG) sodium hydroxide and benzisothiazolinone.

As mentioned above, it is basically derived from plants. Therefore, it is a good option for those who are concern about animal cruelty.

The pump is present so the user can easily use it to add soap over the sponge or brush to clean and rinsing the baby bottles.

And while talking about the fragrance, the soap is made with 90-96% plat based means a natural source that is the good part.

4. ATTITUDE Baby Dish Soap (baby bottle dishwasher soap)


ATTITUDE Baby Dish Soap is very effective against the milk odour, residue from the best pump parts, and bottles used for baby feeding. It is basically made with natural ingredients so that many moms are using this product to ensure the baby’s safety.

How to Use:

Pour 2 mL per liter of hot water, about 15 mL for use in a standard sink. Not designed for use in automatic dishwashers.

Best baby bottle dishwasher soap from Attitude. Natural products are very effective for cleaning. If you are concerned about animal cruelty, this might be the best product because it is from animal cruelty. It is basically made in Canada and well-reputed brand among the best dish soap for baby bottles. PETA Certified- no animal-derived ingredients, 100% vegan.

If you find an environment-friendly product, then this one is best because you can easily recycle the bottle. For recycling information, you must visit the official website.

This product is powerful saponin to remove bacteria, grease, and odours. It is from a strong fragrance, so it will not irritate.

Free from harmful preservatives such as Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, or Formaldehyde releasers, and Benzyl alcohol.


5. Premium Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap (Best Dishwashing Detergent For Baby Bottles)


It is one of the best dish liquid soaps available on the market from Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Soap. It is not allergic like other liquid soaps because it is a 95 percent bio-based product. It is good for sensitive skin so that you can use it without worry. That is why it is safe for the baby and your hands.

All ingredients in liquid soap are fragrance, dyes, phosphates, or triclosan, which is not good. And one good thing is that it is safe for the environment means can recycle the product package. The liquid soap is a little thicker than other brands, so dishes, bottles can clean easily.

As already mentioned, soap is free from fragrance, so worry about the unpleasant smell.

Other Thing to Avoid

Scent/Fragrance: many parents notice that the skin will dry out and irritate the baby because of the strong fragrance smell. So if you want to avoid these, you can choose scent-free soap.

Parabens, dyes, phosphates, or triclosan: Avoid parabens, dyes as they can cause cancer, endocrine disruption, and organ-system toxicity.

Ammonia: don’t use ammonia for cleaning baby bottles, dishes, or other cleaning purposes.


Cleaning baby bottles or dishes requires special formula soap that can clean the residue or milk film properly because it can cause health-related issues if it is not cleared properly.

All the above-listed products are Top and Best Liquide Soap which comes with natural-based ingredients.