Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby USA 2021 ⭐

Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby

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Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby USA 2021

Are you also confused about choosing the best night lights for your little one? Don’t worry, and after reading this buying, you will learn something new that definitely helps you choose a night light. After analyzing many factors, you can also buy any night light from our Top 6 Night nights list because all are listed below. 

Do Toddlers really need nightlights?

Although a soothing nightlight is not entirely necessary, it can add a lot of beauty and brightness to your child’s room.

For babies, darkness can be frightening, no doubt about it! So having a nightlight is a good option if you want to ensure your baby feels comfortable and safe when sleeping.

A nightlight must have the following features:

To make the selection process of night light, we make little question answers guide

Start by determining how you intend to use the nightlight. Night lights are not just for lighting up your child’s bedroom or nursery; you can also use them to read, change diapers, or feed.

Timer features are even available that let you create a schedule for sleeping.

Think about the following feature before buying:

Alarm setting

Design of night light

Must check is it battery-operated or plug-in (Battery operated more safe than plug-in)

Remote control usability is available

Sounds and music

Visual projections

A variety of light bulbs

Vibrant colours and brightness



Holywell Night Lights for Kids


Best Night Light for Feeding BabyCheck On Amazon
Best Overall

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine


Best Night Light for Toddler, Sound Machine with Night LightCheck On Amazon
Best Budget

YOON Night Light Bulbs


Best night light colour for toddlerCheck On Amazon

Best Night Light for Feeding Baby

1. JolyWell Night Lights for Feeding Baby



  1. Easy touch control
  2. Perfect Night Light for Indoor & outdoor usage
  3. Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby
  4. Rechargeable battery
  5. Waterproof build
  6. SOS mode present
  7. Tap the logo twice to set a 1-hr timer
  8. Best night light for toddler and baby
  9. VAVA Home light is gentle enough on your baby’s eyes
  10. LED indicators- If the battery is lower than 20% (The indicator will turn red). If charging is complete (The indicator will turn solid blue).
  11. Best night light for feeding baby

This is one of the best baby feedings lights by VAVA home light. Why we are saying this, you will understand after reading this detailed review. It makes night baby feeding more easy and convenient. 

Light for changing baby at night by using this light you can change the diaper of a baby by sitting the soft light to brighter light which is great! 

It is specially made for baby feeding so that a separate feeding mode is available. Just turn on mode, and you see the actual effect of light. It only brightens enough to see your little one, not more. One more good thing is that it is operated by just a single hand, so you can easily handle your baby by another hand.

If you want to set the timer so that the light will automatically turn on, tap the logo twice. A little bit of concern about this product is that it only comes with a USB cable, not a wall plug option. Don’t think twice if you are looking for the best night light for feeding a baby. Just give it a try.

2. Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine with Night Light for Feeding Baby

Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby



  1. It can adjust remotely via phone
  2. Create the ideal sleep environment
  3. Easy to Customize colour, brightness, sound, and volume level.
  4. Timer is present
  5. Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby
  6. Also best night light colour for toddler
  7. Turn On/Off Automatically
  8. Easy-to-use Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine and Night Light
  9. Best night light for feeding baby

If you are looking for a light night with a sound machine that helps your baby sleep calmly, then this Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine is perfect.

This night light is all set to grow with your baby means you can easily customize it, so you don’t need to buy another one after some years. You have to your smartphone to operate this awesome night light and sound machine. Best night light for toddlers scared of the dark to don’t forget to consider it your buying list. 

You can control this best light for changing baby at night with just a single hand. You can play 11 preset sounds to ensure the baby will sleep calmly, but you can not load any new sound. As mentioned above, you can preset the timer for sounds. After a time, it will automatically stop playing. That is great!

Easy t0 use, you have to have one smartphone, whether Android or IOS. Just download the app and read the instruction for better understanding. Boom!!! You are ready to customize your baby night light with a sound machine according to your need means you can set volume, the brightness of light, the colour of light, preset sounds, and many more.

Best Light Bulbs for Baby Nursery

3. TaoTronics Light Bulbs for Baby Nursery

Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby



  1. Easy touch control
  2. Waterproof Light Bulbs for Baby Nursery
  3. Long-lasting battery life
  4. Best light bulbs for baby nursery
  5. Touch logo to adjust the color of light
  6. Best night light for feeding baby
  7. Waterproof, therefore, is best for camping, hiking, and family adventures.

You are just one touch away to ensure better sleep for your little one.

TaoTronics light Bulbs for Baby nurseries are safe for baby’s eyes. You also can control the light brightness, color with just one touch. Many night lights available in the market are mostly unsafe for a baby’s eyes, so you must choose a light that will not hurt your little one. 

This light is also the perfect choice for moms who are looking best light for diaper changes or late-night baby feeding. Baby lot more attention at night time. This machine defiantly helps to keep the baby safe.

This machine allows you to control the brightness of the light by just touching the bottom. As mentioned above, it is beneficial while changing and feeding. You can touch the bottom to dim the light, which is good while feeding, and while changing the diaper, you have to increase the brightness. You also can control the color of light by touching the logo.

4. TIYOON Night Light Bulbs for Baby Nursery



  1. 100% safe and very durable
  2. Easy to touch control with a single finger.
  3. four lighting modes
  4. Best night light for feeding baby
  5. USB Rechargeable Nursery Light
  6. ideal for new moms
  7. It helps to create an enjoyable and relaxing bedtime experience
  8. Best night light color for toddler
  9. Perfect as Christmas gifts

The great thing about this product is the light is eye-friendly, and it is anti-blue light, so it will not hurt the eyes of your little one. Babies can use this as a toy to play with because the material is 100% safe, do not worry. 

This one from TIYOON Night Light is a good choice if you are looking for the best night light for a toddler scared of the dark.

As mentioned above, the lights are safe for the baby’s eyes, so you can also switch 4 awesome colors. This rainbow light looks awesome. It will definitely grab the baby’s attention while playing. 

Moms can operate these light bulbs for the baby nursery with just one hand while holding the baby while changing. With single finger touch to the “M” located on the device, you can set a timer. By memory function, moms can rewind previous timer settings. 

Superfast charging mode, which charges completely within 2 hours.  The battery life of these best light bulbs for baby nurseries is amazing and easily can recharge by USB.

Best Baby Night Light Projector with Music

5. MyBaby Baby Night Light Projector with Music



  1. 6 soothing sounds and songs
  2. Volume adjustable button
  3. Images to project
  4. Best baby night light projector with music
  5. Timer is available 
  6. Powered by an AC Adapter

MyBaby, SoundSpa Lullaby, as the name says SoundSpa it definitely works as it is means you can choose between classic lullabies and soothing sounds to keep your baby calm. You can choose 1 lullaby from the 6 sound option with an adjustable volume button.

If a baby wakes up or cries at night, this baby night light projector with music is very beneficial for stopping a baby from crying. When a baby starts crying, this device will automatically detect it, play lullabies, and start night light and very effective shooting sounds.

You can select any three images to project them on the wall or anywhere you want. In this case, a battery power automatic shuts (timer) system is available to reduce energy consumption.

The night light is not so bright, so this light is not suitable for changing babies at night.

6. VTech Baby Best Baby Night Light Projector with Music



  1. Perfect baby gift for infants birthday
  2. Calming Lights
  3. White noise available
  4. Music & Nursery Rhymes
  5. Voice Activated
  6. Best Night Light for Toddler and Baby
  7. Play 3 lullabies followed by 30 melodies

It is one of the best baby night light projectors with music from VTech. The projector looks cute with nature tunes, soothing, and many more sounds. 

The awesome thing about this device is that you will get colorful light with shooting sound combinations, ensuring your baby will sleep calmly. it is the best light bulb for a baby nursery approx. 100+ soothing songs are included in this device.

It is effortless to customize according to your need, which means you can control sound volume, the timer can set, night light brightness, and many more.

Because of the voice-activated system, if your little one starts crying, this will automatically turn on and play sounds and light, which help babies to stop crying. It is also useful for the best night light for feeding the baby. Running this awesome device not required electricity means it only required 2 AA batteries to running flawlessly.

Buying guide

How to Choose the Best Night Light for Feeding Baby

According to our research, these products meet the following functions and meet the highest quality standards. We reviewed customer reviews to help you determine which products to choose. You’ll find everything you need to know about getting a nightlight here

Your little one is growing up faster than you may be able to appreciate. Your nursery and baby’s room are expanding to accommodate the newest member of the family. And one of those expansions is lighting.

Night lights for newborn babies, baby reading lamps, and night lights for your toddler’s bedroom may seem like they’re not necessary now, but they are. You may be giving your child too much comfort in their crib and not enough space to move around and grow. Or you may be putting them in a situation where a baby is likely to wake up at night and come into contact with a hot light.

Check if it is safe

The best night light for feeding a baby is one that will encourage your toddler to sleep well through the night. But it’s also important that the light be safe for your baby and present no danger to them while they’re sleeping. There are many varieties of night lights for children’s bedrooms that are designed to be safe. But here are some guidelines to keep in mind to find the best one for your toddler or baby.

* Avoid nightlights with built-in flickers. Nightlights with built-in flickers are dangerous because babies cannot see them, and they may not see the red blinking light at all, therefore failing to warn them off. Make sure your toddler’s night light has a night light with a red warning indicator, which means there is always a light on under your child’s pillow to wake them up if they wake.

The night light should turn off when your child no longer needs it. The best night light for feeding a baby has to be easy to turn on and off, and it must have a red warning indicator so that you can quickly turn it off when your baby wakes up. Avoid nightlights with built-in nightlight with dimmer switches or nightlights with any other unnecessary nightlights that could hinder waking your child up.

Size and Design of the night light

* Choose night lights that are not too big for their cribs. Baby night lights can come in different sizes, but most night lights for children are specifically made for cribs and toddler beds. This means that you should get the most suited size for your nursery room so that you do not need to buy another one after your initial purchase.

It is best to choose night lights for children that are the same size as yours so that your child will grow up to like the night light, and it will look more like an item that they will use each time they go to bed instead of a bulky object in the room. Also, night lights for children come in a wide range of prices, so do not forget to consider the price of replacement night lights if it becomes necessary to replace yours.

Cord/Wire connections

* Avoid night lights for children that have cord connections or have wires in their cord connections. These nightlights can also come with many types of cords, so never purchase a night light that has a wire that can poke through the walls or be wrapped around the ceiling. If the night light for feeding your baby comes with wires, always check the cords to ensure no dangerous attachments, prongs, or sharp edges that could cut your child.

Bright colors

* Consider purchasing a night light with night vision technology. The best night light for feeding a baby has a night vision automatic shut off that project stars at night and automatically flickers to imitate a full moon’s calming night light effects. This is a much safer option than having a regular bulb with a night light nozzle that projects bright colors, which some babies seem to prefer.

Also, night lights for children generally have a much longer cord than a typical bulb, so this feature will not only save your precious sleep and your child’s sleep by keeping the room dark, but it will also help your child not be disturbed by the loud noises of your electricity running through their room as you turn it on or off.

Avoid using fluorescent colors.

* Do not use any fluorescent colors, such as blue, green, purple, or orange, in your nursery or even in the toddler’s room. Instead, choose colors such as white, yellow, or red because these colors are best used inside the nursery. Neon colors and even some colors that look like the colors of the rainbow, such as aqua, pink, and purple, are better used for the nursery because they are soothing and not overwhelming. Your child will concentrate on the colors instead of focusing on which color is in the nursery.

Things which you should note down before using night lights

Does your child have trouble falling asleep at night? 

Kids with a fear of the dark will find night lights to be a comfort at bedtime.

In addition, they can guide you when you need to change diapers or feed your baby late at night.

This selection of the best night lights for kids features portable lamps and projectors that illuminate their entire room.

Precautions to take when using night lights

Until now, we discuss the benefits o the night light, but as we know, everything has some pros and cons, so let’s check the cons. 

Use the following guidelines when using night lights so that all family members stay safe.

Be careful with night lights: Some get very warm, which can cause a fire.

It is often difficult to tell whether a night light is a choking hazard or not. Don’t let your baby touch it.

Keep an eye out for cords that could suffocate or electrocute you.


After reading the buying guide and referencing the top 6 night nights or toddler list, I hope you choose your best nightlight machine. We love to hear from our happy readers. You can comment below. You can find many more varieties of night lights for feeding babies on the Internet, in catalogues, or even at your local department store.

It is important to shop around to find the best night lights for your nursery or your child. There are many options available such as various sizes, shapes, colors, and so on. It is easy to find at night lamps for babies in your budget. With these tips, you are sure to find a perfect night lamp for your child.