How To Make A Milk Bath For Babies

Benefits of breast milk bath for newborns

Do newborn bath with breast milk It is very common and trendy. Breast milk is a real cure for your baby: so using it is also very important. areas other than nutrition. In this article, we will also see the important benefits and disadvantages of using milk baths for babies.

Breast milk is defined as expected “Liquid gold”, to support the nourishing it contains. Can be used to soothe pain caused by ear infections soothe discomfort associated with teething and fight diaper rash.

How To Make A Milk Bath For Babies

Benefits of breast milk bath for newborns

You never thought of using breast milk for bathing your baby Well, you will be fooled by the myriad benefits of this old practice on newborn health.

If you are wondering about everything, absolutely anything breast milk bath, keep reading our article: in the following paragraphs, all benefits.

In the following paragraphs, we analyze together 5 modes Where breast milk bathing can benefit your baby.

Treatment of eczema, psoriasis, and cradle cap

Breast milk for eczema? Be sure! It is estimated that around 50% of babies in the first few years of life suffer from eczema, and many mothers breast milk baths Managed to reduce symptoms associated with eczema, psoriasis, and cradle cap. This is because breast milk is effective in reducing dryness and itching symptoms.

It moisturizes dry skin and reduces itching.

Contains breast milk palmitic acid, which is a saturated fatty acid excellent moisturizer. But not only that: your milk is also oleic acids an omega fatty acid found in human tissue. Oleic acid moisturizes, improves dry skin, and fights to age.

Breast milk is also rich in vaccine acid linoleic acid (which protects and nourishes the skin) and moisturizes, lightens blemishes, and minimizes inflammation.

Here’s why you do give your baby a bath in breast milk It can help heal dry skin, lighten skin blemishes and minimize any inflammation.

Helps skin heal from minor burns, cuts, and insect bites

Immunoglobulin A (IgA) It’s really great that breast milk is rich! breast milk bath It can relieve pain and irritation caused by minor burns, cuts, and insect bites.

Soothes diaper rash

Because breast milk is full of antibodies Baby milk baths can help the skin fight the bacteria that cause diaper rash quickly.

However, I recommend this: Always consult a doctor first if the situation is alarming.

How To Make A Milk Bath For Babies

One to newborn breast milk bath very simple. All you need is hot water, a baby bath, etc. 150-200 ml of breast milk.

Freshly expressed breast milk or solved. Also, Rolled oats To the water to increase its efficiency!

Before anything else, fill the tub with warm water. Add enough milk to make the water “like milk”.

Submerge your baby in the bathtub for 5-15 minutes. Pour the water onto your neck, face, and limbs, then gently pour it over your head and pat it gently on your face. Good moment, don’t you think?

Then lift your baby and dry it: please, avoid rubbing so as not to cause skin irritation.

Then breast milk bath you can use Weleda Italia Baby calendula liquid cream. This emulsion is gentle scented, easily absorbed, and promotes softness and hydration of the skin.

Finally, dress the newborn It allows the skin to breathe with fresh and light fabrics.

Can I use expired breast milk?

Up milk nit doesn’t smell bad or if it tastes sour, you can use it for your baby’s bath. Avoid using the breast milk it is transformed into. Ammuffito or this has a musty smell.

If you suffer breast enlargement, you can pump the milk, and then take a breast milk bath.

How many times can I immerse my baby in breast milk?

There is no need to bathe with breast milk every day: once a week or every 15 days will be enough. After all: you can replace it with the classic baby bath “from the skin to skin”.

If your baby is suffering from someone filthy diaper rash or eczema, we recommend that you wash it off with breast milk. Twice a week. You can reduce the frequency depending on your baby’s recovery.

Other surprising uses of breast milk

Breast milk is a panacea for your baby’s health and well-being. In this paragraph, we have collected all of the other beneficial properties of your milk.

Teething pain relief. Teething is not fun for you or your baby, but popsicle sticks can definitely help! You can use breast milk to make milk ice cream. soothe pain It is caused by teething.

If your baby has an earache, he or she probably has an uncomfortable infection: call the doctor who needs to see him immediately to be able to write a prescription. proper care. While you are waiting for your doctor’s appointment, you can try walking around. 3 or 4 drops Repeating the surgery at the entrance to the baby’s ear canal and a few hours later.

Eliminating blocked tear ducts. It is quite common for newborns to block their tear ducts and eyes, which are always filled with tears. At least 20% of children one or both tear ducts that appear blocked or partially blocked. Clogged ducts can cause similar symptoms. conjunctivitis such as white or yellow discharge or clear conjunctivitis.

Most of the time the ducts are blocked they solve it themselves however, in some cases they can cause infections and irritating eye discharge. You will need to clean it regularly until the channel is fully opened.

Soak a cotton ball in lukewarm water or saltwater and gently rub your eye from the inner corner (use a new cotton ball for each stroke). Adding a few drops of breast milk can help reduce blocked tear ducts and also prevent infections.

Relieve sore nipples. Cracked and painful nipples are a very common problem in the first few days of breastfeeding. There are many creams and ointments on the market and designed to combat this annoying problem.

Before you buy one, you can try rubbing a few drops gently on the nipple. breast milk: you can benefit greatly from this.


Breast milk is a portion of really great food! Rich vitamins, minerals, oils and has numerous health benefits for the newborn.

Also, a breast milk bath can provide significant benefits for the baby: it helps fight acne, moisturizes dry skin, and relieve discomfort caused by diaper rash.

A breast milk bath can also be used. by adults treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Recent research has shown that breastfeeding is also a visible effect on the development of the oral cavity of the child.

Seriously, what can’t breast milk do?

Is there any other good way to use breast milk? We would love to hear that! Leave a comment below!

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